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Xuebin Liu

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Senior vice president of clinical research and development

Xuebin Liu ,Ph.D.

Senior vice president of clinical research and development


Mr. Leo Liu joined Inxmed as Senior VP, with 26 years of research experience in Pharmacology, Immunology and Oncology. Dr. Liu has deep understanding of immune-oncology, inflammatory autoimmune diseases, and strong experience in drug development, including 12 years of Pharmaceutical Industry R&D experience in leading and managing drug discovery and development programs for both small molecules and biologics, and 5 years of CRO service experience in Immuno-Oncology. He has served as Deputy Director of Research and Development of GSK, Director and Vice President of the Department of Tumor Immunology at Crown Bio and HDB. He has been focusing on the preclinical research and development of new tumor immunotherapeutic, and he is an expert in the field of tumor immunotherapy drug development. He graduated with a PhD in tumor immunology from Beijing Medical University. He did his postdoctoral fellowships in immunology at the Southwestern Medical Center of the University of Texas and the University of California at San Diego, and worked as an immunology researcher at NIH.



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