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James Mc Leod, MD

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Chief Medical Officer, USA

James Mc Leod, MD

Chief Medical Officer, USA


James Mc Leod is a physician scientist and pharmaceutical executive with over 25

years of experience spanning preclinical and the phases of clinical development.

Prior to joining InxMed, he was Chief Medical Officer and Senior VP at Galleon

Pharmaceuticals and a consultant to small biotechnology companies and

medical research foundations. He has headed the Experimental Medicine group

at Merck Research Laboratories and the Early Clinical Research and Experimental

Medicine group at the Schering-Plough Research Institute (SPRI).  He joined

SPRI from Novartis in 2004, where he headed the Clinical Pharmacology,

Experimental Clinical Pharmacology and Translational Medicine groups.  He has

extensive clinical development experience with individual or group leadership of

24 new drug approvals globally spanning all major therapeutic areas including

gastroenterology and oncology medications. James has degrees in Biomedical

and Chemical Engineering (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Medicine

(University of Connecticut) was medically boarded in internal medicine and

endocrinology and metabolism. He has been a fellow in the Endocrinology &

Metabolism and Human Genetics and has held faculty positions at the University

of Pennsylvania and Northwestern University medical schools. He has been a

member of ICH working groups and has co-chaired PhRMA and IQ Consortium

innovation initiatives.  He is a past chair of the PhRMA Clinical Pharmacology

Technical Group.

James Mc Leod
Chief Medical Officer

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