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InxMed leads in drug development against  key hub of tumor defense.  We  are the pioneer in clinical research & translational  development in FAK targeting cancer therapeutics. We also aim at the targets vertical with FAK signaling , highly synergistic with FAK inhibitor.

FAK: Key Survival Signaling Hub of Tumor Cell

Cancer is characterized with its exceptional ability to survival via its adaptive mechanisms.  Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) is non-receptor tyrosine kinase  plays an important role in creating survival advantage for cancers. FAK is highly expressed in both tumor cells & cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs), and is up-regulate/activated by a variety of chemo-, targeted and radiation therapy etc. Researchers have found that inhibiting the FAK signaling pathway is synergistic with multiple therapeutic modalities and can overcome emerging resistance of either chemo- or targeted therapy. 

FAK: Key Survival Signaling Hub of Tumor Cell

Targeting Key Signaling Hub of Tumor Defense

FAK is one of key signaling hubs of tumor defense mechanism. Ifebemtinib, a highly selective, potent, small molecule  FAK inhibitor which is able to block FAK activation. Ifebemtinib targeting both tumor cells and cancer associated fibroblasts (CAF), consequently dismantle the tumor defense. The MOA of  Ifebemtinib  is depicted in the following figure, namely, 1)  priming tumor microenvironment, 2) transforming cell death toward immunogenic, and 3) reducing/delaying metastasis. These mechanisms of action of Ifebemtinib dismantle the survial advantages and improve all relevant efficacy endpoints in cancer treatment. 


Targeting Key Signaling Hub of Tumor Defens
Targeting Key Signaling Hub of Tumor Defens

Novel Therapeutics Developing Against Key Components of  in Tumor  Cell Defense


Tumor cell defense consists multiple components, and this can be simplified  as three key components, as sensor located in cell membrane, transducer, located in cytoplasm and able to translocate into the center of cells, nucleus, and cells is able to mount a wide array of defense at transcriptional level.  Along  with tumor cell densive pathway, InxMed is developing drugs targeting at  cell membrane, cyctosol and nucleus to maximize its intrinsic synergy. Vertical combinations for broad synergy with ifebemtinib will be a clear differentiation. 


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