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Partnering with us

Partnering with us

Partnering with the best early stage science and clinical-stage programs is our top priority. We are dedicated to building strong partnership with top-tier research institutes, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our initial focus is to partner with assets with potential synergy with our current portfolio to enable us to select the winning combination and deliver meaningful benefit in the fight against cancer.

BD related business please contact Email:BD@inxmed.com



IN10018 is a highly potent and selective inhibitor of the focal adhesion kinase (FAK). Anti-tumor activities of IN10018 have been demonstrated in multiple animal models for human cancers. More than 250 patients have been dosed and IN10018 has showed its safety and promising efficacy signal in platinum ovarian cancer and NRAS melanoma.


IN30705 is an ADC formed by a new humanized anti-FAP mAb that has been conjugated to a novel cytolysin, TAM470, a synthetic microtubule inhibitor from the tubulysin family. IN30705 is designed to target FAP-expressing Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) in tumor microenvironment. 


INES103 is an injectable recombinant humanized VHH (single variable domain of heavy chain, VHH)-Fc fusion protein against tumor associate macrophage(TAM)related target, to be administered for treatment of advanced or metastatic solid tumor and hematological malignancies. INES103 is designed to improve tissue penetration against solid tumors.


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