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Unique perspective to address the real unmet medical need

Create innovative treatment regimens from a deep understanding of the underlying disease biology

Ensure novelty and clear differentiation of products

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FAK inhibitor(IN10018)

Research showed that InxMed FAK inhibitor (IN10018) overcomes drug resistance of KRAS G12C inhibitors and synergizes with KRAS G12C inhibitors in treating cancer.

FAK is one of the downstream targets of KRAS. Its inhibition is effective against KRAS mutant cancers preclinically. FAK activation is closely related to drug resistance of chemotherapies and targeted therapies. This study elucidated that the sustained hyperactivity of FAK signaling induces the drug resistance KRAS G12C inhibition. Diverse CDX and PDX models of KRAS G12C mutant cancers were tested and synergistic benefits from the combination therapy of KRAS G12C inhibitors (AMG510 or MRTX849) and FAK inhibitor (IN10018) were consistently observed. Mechanistically, it is found that aberrant FAK–YAP signaling leading to the development of KRAS G12C inhibitor resistance. This study provides an innovative combination therapy strategy to improve treatment outcomes for KRAS G12C mutant cancers.

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